Ways To Protect Your Car From Dents

30 March 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Dents are a problem not only because they look bad, but because they can lead to rust and structural damage to your car. There are a few ways to protect yourself against the damage that dents can cause; here are a few strategies to consider.

Park Further Away from Other Cars

One of the biggest sources of dents is parking lots, where people are parking closely together. Small dings in your car are inevitable, and you might never know they happened because you aren't present at the scene of the incident. A simple solution to this is to park away from other cars whenever you can. It might require you to park a little bit further back in a crowded parking lot, but a little more exercise is usually a good thing, too.

Avoid Car Doors

The threat from other cars comes from car doors as well. Someone may carelessly fling open their car door and find that it hits your car. You can minimize this risk in a few ways. For one, opt for parallel parking spots. Even if people are parked bumper to bumper, you aren't risking as much damage if there are no car doors next to yours. Second, if you are parking next to other cars, look for spaces that are in corners, where you are only next to another car on one side.

Have a Good Bumper

Your bumper is a good protection for the front and back of your car; if you ever find that your bumper has been damaged, getting it fixed is an important step for reducing dent damage.

Invest in Dent Care

Finally, a good strategy for protecting yourself against dent damage is dealing with them as soon as they come up. Some auto body damage repair shops offer dent repair packages that will allow you to get multiple dents fixed at once or in a span of time. Dent repair technicians may use metal tools to pull the dent out of the material without damaging the paint. Or they may need to apply a touch up job to the paint coating after repairing a more severe dent. In some cases, replacement of the metal might be needed if the dent has caused the surface to buckle. But in any case, it is better to get the work done now than to wait until the structure of your car has been rusted out.