What To Know About Renewing Your Car Registration And A Smog Check

9 June 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

When you receive your letter in the mail from the DMV stating that it is time to renew the registration on your vehicle, it's important that you check what the requirements are for renewal, which will sometimes include a smog check. Here's what you need to know about getting your smog check:

Usually Required Every Two Years:

About every two years or so, it's probably going to be required that you receive a smog check for your vehicle; so, it's always important to be aware of this on your registration form. Otherwise, your registration could be denied because you did not receive your smog check when it was required. A smog check is also usually required if you have recently purchased your vehicle used. 

You Might Need a STAR Smog Check:

Pay attention to the wording of the requirement for your smog check. In some cases it may state that you need a STAR smog check. This means you need to go to a smog check station that specializes in STAR smog checks. The reasons these are different from a regular smog check is because these stations must meet stricter guidelines for smog checking the vehicles that come in. 

Smog Checks Aren't Expensive: 

Since smog checks are required, there are plenty of stations that will provide them, which means costs can be found at an extremely low rate. Of course, you will want to compare between a few different ones to ensure you are getting the best price for your smog check. Since a smog check isn't doing anything to your vehicle as far as repairs go, you don't really have to worry about quality. Of course, it helps if there is great customer service and you feel comfortable. In this case, it may be worth paying a bit more if needed. 

Your Car Won't Always Pass:

People just assume that their car will pass a smog check, however, this isn't always the case. To help your vehicle pass a smog check, you will want to ensure that you are always properly maintaining your vehicle. You should also drive your car around to warm it up a bit before taking it in for a smog check, which usually helps your car more easily pass. If you do not pass the smog check, the professionals should direct you on what to do next. Since smog check stations do not provide repairs, it's important that you take these suggestions and get your car repaired at a trusted repair shop right away. 

When you know these things about a smog check and getting your dmv registration renewed, you can be sure that you do it efficiently.