Budgeting For Car Repairs: 3 Tips For Keeping Costs Low

2 August 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Budgeting for car repairs is quite a bit different from other aspects of planning your household. This is because vehicles can sometimes throw you an unexpected curve ball such as breaking down when you thought that everything was fine. While you cannot always predict a car malfunction, you can use these tips to keep your repair costs low enough that they have less of an effect on your overall financial planning:

Keep Up With Basic Maintenance

There are many simple things that can be done to prevent car emergencies. For instance, keeping your oil changed prevents engine problems and making sure your tires are properly inflated helps you avoid a tire blowout. Read your owner's manual to find out how often maintenance tasks must be done such as changing the spark plugs. Repairing and replacing minor components as they wear out helps to protect the larger parts of your car's engine that are costlier to get fixed.

Be Willing to Seek Several Estimates

It is also important to know that car repair costs can vary widely from one auto shop to the next. Seek an accurate diagnosis for your car problem from your preferred repair technician. Then, call around to get estimates from several other shops in your area to find out how much the cost varies. Ideally, you should never go with the lowest quote because this could indicate that they are cutting corners. Yet, the highest could be overpriced. Choose a repair shop that offers an estimate that falls into the middle range if you cannot do the repairs yourself.

Shop Around For Parts

Often, the cost of the replacement parts is a large portion of what you are quoted for your car repairs. However, you can reduce this cost by knowing how to shop for auto parts yourself. Become acquainted with parts dealers that allow you to take advantage of lower costs, and consider bringing your own parts in when you arrange to have your car repairs done. This gives you more control over how much keeping your car maintained will hit your budget.

Car maintenance is one of those necessities that must be included in your budget. Yet, it can be hard to plan financially for things such as unexpected repairs. By starting with basic maintenance and learning how to minimize the overall cost of car repairs, you can fit this necessary expense into your budget while still finding ways to save.

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